This site will tell you where you can see my work and give you some idea of the kind of things I make and, in the case of the some of the most special necklaces, I make in collaboration with Rachel Sokal

Almost all the work I make is made individually from scratch. I use cast pieces in only a limited way. Therefore my work is really the antithesis of modern mass-production but I hope carries the kind of individuality that my customers appreciate.

Because of the way I work this will never be an ecommerce site but if you are interested in buying my work and I, or my work, are not going to be near you soon ring or email me and I hope I'll be able to help.

On the News page you'll find my shows for the year with links to the organisers where you can buy tickets, sometimes at a reduced rate. And on the Links page you can find out which galleries have selections of my work. The Images page will be updated when we have new work and Rachel has the time to do clever things with digital tecgnology but check out some of our recent work there now.

Meanwhile we'll go on making individual pieces of jewellery and hope you can catch up with them sometime soon!

Find me on Facebook for latest updates. This is also where I'll give notice of having reducd price or free tickets for shows:


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